Ohio's Choice for the 9th District

Commitment to Excellence


I believe there is a reason why America has been an exceptional nation. It is a nation that has enjoyed unparalleled blessings of wealth prosperity and influence, more than any other nation in history.


Most of all, it guaranteed rights protections and freedoms for its citizens that were never imagined anywhere else. The phrase indispensable and exceptional nation has been a truth that has characterized the United States as she has been a bright spot in an otherwise dark collection of nations.


I like small government, and especially as expressed in our Constitution which is really an elegant solution if we would just follow it. The idea to give the citizens themselves the responsibility for self governance but with an overarching set of principles in our Bill of Rights to prevent any cities, towns, or states from deciding to take away these sacred rights.


The source of these blessings comes from God our Creator, for it is that hand that guided this nation's creation and evolution. Our founders understood perfectly well "these truths to be self evident."


I was born in a country founded on principles of Fairness, Equality and Justice. I was brought up understanding that things of value are not easily obtained, and that staying silent in the face of injustice has never provided long term solutions. The silence of the world in the face of injustice only serves to undermine our own liberties. 

Washington Does not care about You! They have silenced your Voice.


We Don't embrace the Philosophy of Failure, the Creed of Ignorance, or the Gospel of Envy.


It is time to operate outside the norms of the accepted Right/Left paradigm, even though we will be derided and dismissed by all stripes of globalist apologists and their lackeys. We must roll back the tide of disintegration that has nearly swamped our ship of state. It is important to realize that what is politically expedient is often politically lazy.


History is filled with examples of the disastrous end results of accepting the status quo and legitimizing these actions with our silence. Our strength does not come from a physical capacity, but from an indomitable will to do what is right for our citizens, our children, and our infrastructure.


May God continue to protect and guide this great nation of ours and give favor to our President in his efforts to free us from those who wish us harm. Please Support my effort as your candidate for US Congress.